Housewives and women next door, who is looking for something like that, I thought when I signed up. The curiosity was probably much greater than the success I promised myself. Because as a simple woman who is not a model or the like, you actually don't get a lot of attention. And if there is none that one would wish for. Because as a simple woman next door, you just can't attract the looks of men when you go shopping, for example. In addition, I do not hope to find any great sex contacts who also live nearby. I also know that with a woman the focus is always very much on optics, after all, that's what the media show us, right? Since I didn't have to lose, I stopped by here.

I was surprised at how open and friendly the members were were. As a simple housewife next door you weren't even convicted if you didn't look like a Barbie doll. After briefly setting up my profile, I quickly got into conversation, which was open and free, but still respectful and not too intrusive. You could compare this a little with a swingers club that I was in many years ago. At that time I was also gripped by curiosity, but I didn't stick with it. This was somehow too impersonal for me, and I'm not a big fan of presenting myself in sexy lingerie all the time that doesn't suit me either way.

In any case, I didn't have to pretend at all and could be who I am, a normal, simple housewife from next door. It didn't take long since I met a nice gentleman over the chat. At first I didn't dare because he was really very close to me. The geo map showed that he was less than 5km away from me. I was a bit worried about discretion and so on, but then he got ahead of me. Because he told me directly that he shared the concern of having sex or sex contact so close. And he made me the offer, should it come to something between us or not, and we go together, then we will be silent about this meeting forever.

This brought me a lot of trust, and after a brief exchange of preferences and sexual preferences, I decided to arrange a sex date with my chat partner. At this point I don't want to describe how it went exactly. This is still too intimate for me and does not belong in public. However, I can only say this much, I had the feeling that I was wanted physically. This led to the fact that I, as the woman next door, could let myself go completely, and we could have the experience of a hot sex date together.